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Rob is a Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Trainer at LT's Primal Fitness in Asheville N.C. He has been involved in the fitness indusry for over 20 years, with vast experience in body composition   managment and strength training thru amateur bodybuilding and a decorated powerlifting career as a drug free athlete. Rob lives by the philosophy of consitency, dedication & determination being the keys to reaching athletic and fitness goals as well as a long term healthy lifestyle.

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*Personal Trainer
*Strength & Conditioning Trainer
*Sports Nutritionist
Rob coaches group strength training at LT's Primal Fitness, with emphasis on squat, bench and deadlift techniques for those looking to simply improve on the basics and increase maximal strength, as well as preparation programs for the drug free powerlifter. (Drop-ins to join a group are welcomed, but by appointment only.) Rob also offers one-on-one and group personal training for weight loss, as well as nutrition / training consulting.  Click here for more Strength info at LT"s

Email: / Call or Text: 704-616-9180
N.C. Chairman
Promoting Drug Free Strength
Class of 2012 Inductee
Strength & Conditioning
Personal Trainer